• Each year, several customers call to ask us about pink stains or residues that occasionally develop in moist areas in their homes. They generally see this in toilet bowls, around sinks, tub drains, shower curtains and even in pet water bowls. The customer naturally wants to know if there is something wrong with their water.… [Continue Reading]

    Pink Stains In My Toilet Bowl
  • Thank you for attending the 2016 Blue Ridge Rural Water Annual Membership Meeting held on March 8, 2016. Below is a link to the complete annual meeting presentation, if you were not able to attend this year’s meeting. For additional information or questions regarding the meeting, please contact Brad Powers, General Manager / C.O.O. at… [Continue Reading]

    Thank you for Attending the Annual Meeting!
  • Thank you for visiting the Blue Ridge Rural Water Company’s web site! Whether you’re new to the Blue Ridge community or you’re a long time resident of the Upstate, our site is here to give you fast and convenient access to information about our rates, our services, and our mission. At Blue Ridge Rural Water… [Continue Reading]