Cancellation of Service


As a member of Blue Ridge Rural Water, you requested water service to be provided to the location of ownership and pay for the water used at the rates and time set by the Board of Directors. Blue Ridge Rural Water rates have a minimum each billing cycle whether any water is used as long as the tap is active.

Service is can be canceled in one of the following ways for owners:

  1. The property is sold and the new owners transfer service
  2. The property is sold and the old owner provides proof of ownership change


If a current member of Blue Ridge Rural Water has sold a property and wants to cancel the water service you are welcome to complete the Cancellation of Service form. You will be asked to upload proof that the property has new ownership.   

Cancellation of Service


Proof of ownership change (Closing Statement, Sales Contract)

Proof of Ownership Change Must Include:

Property Address

Previous Owner's Name

New Owner's Name

Date Ownership Changed

(No financial information on the sale is needed)